Austrian radio host plays Wham's 'Last Christmas' on a loop 24 times

By Ben Hooper
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VIENNA, Dec. 22 (UPI) -- An Austrian radio host barricaded himself in his studio to play Wham's "Last Christmas" on repeat 24 times -- nearly two full hours.

Joe Kohlhofer, a DJ with the Antennae Carinthia station in Austria, locked himself in the studio to play the 1984 hit on a loop 24 times despite dozens of calls from listeners demanding an end to the yuletide torture.


Kohlhofer finally relented and retired the Wham classic when his own 4-year-old daughter called into the station and said she didn't care for the festive tune.

Tommy Schmid, deputy director of the station, said the stunt was not sanctioned and Kohlhofer would be disciplined, but the station's Facebook page made light of the incident and shared a picture of the host tied up with his mouth taped shut.

"After playing Last Christmas 24 times in two hours, the Antennae team would once again express our sincere thanks to Joe Kohlhofer! We wish him a happy holiday... in the foyer," the post read.

Schmid told the Kurier newspaper Kohlhofer's punishment includes being signed up to work Christmas Day and New Year's Day.


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