Austrian boy finds $108,000 in the Danube river

By Daniel Uria
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VIENNA, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- Police in Austria discovered a young boy attempting to fish several Euros, amounting to a total of approximately $108,000, from a bridge near the Danube river.

The police initially responded to reports that the boy may have been attempting suicide, but when they arrived on the scene they discovered the large sum of bills mysteriously scattered about the area.


The 500 and 100 Euro notes were initially believed to be counterfeit, but police later confirmed that they were genuine and reported the value of about $108,000 to the BBC.

The origins of the bills remain unknown as there were no reports of recent thefts in the area.

"It is likely that the banknotes come from a criminal offense," police spokesperson Roman Hahslinger said, according to The Local." But for now, we will have to wait for completion of tests, and the gathering of evidence. This will take some time to complete."

Austrian law states that the boy is entitled to between five and ten percent of the money, which could net him up to $10,800. If the owner is not found within a year the boy will be allowed to keep the entire sum of money.


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