Police probing domestic violence report find man battling spider

By Ben Hooper
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WOLLSTONECRAFT, Australia, Nov. 30 (UPI) -- An Australian police department called to a suspected domestic violence scene said they instead discovered a man locked in mortal combat with a spider.

The Harbourside Local Area Command said in a Facebook post several officers responded to an apartment in Wollstonecraft, New South Wales, on a report of "a woman screaming hysterically" and a man's voice shouting, "I'm going to kill you, [you're] dead! Die Die!!"


The post said neighbors reported hearing furniture being thrown around the inside of the residence.

The officers arrived and found a man alone in the residence.

The Facebook post recounted the man's conversation with officers:

Police: "Where's your wife?"

Male: "Umm I don't have one."

Police: "Where your girlfriend?"

Male: "Umm I don't have one"

Police: "We had a report of a domestic and a women screaming, where is she?"

Male: "I don't know what you're talking about I live alone."

Police: "Come on mate people clearly heard you yelling you were going to kill her and furniture getting thrown around the unit."

Police said the man "became very sheepish" at this point in the conversation.


Police: "Come on mate, what have you done to her?"

Male: "It was a spider."

Police "Sorry??"

Male: "It was a spider, a really big one!!"

Police: "What about the women screaming?"

Male: "Yeah sorry that was me, I really really hate spiders."

The man was not charged and officers left after a quick search of the apartment confirmed the resident's account.

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