Colorado deputies tackle 'agitated' cow on the interstate

By Ben Hooper
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GOLDEN, Colo., Nov. 23 (UPI) -- A Colorado sheriff's office shared pictures of deputies engaged in a "standoff" with an agitated cow that blocked traffic before being tackled by authorities.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tweeted the "agitated" cow blocked traffic Friday morning on Interstate 70, east of Lookout Mountain, and deputies in a "standoff" with the bovine "politely asked the cow to come along quietly, but she declined."


The deputies "decided to call in backup" and Animal Control officers soon arrived on the scene.

The deputies and Animal Control officers tackled the "angry" cow "to the ground," bringing a "happy ending" to the saga.

The cow was taken in a trailer to the county fairgrounds, where her owner was summoned to take her home.

The road was reopened after being closed only a short time, deputies said in a Facebook post with the hashtag, "‪#‎MooooooooveAlongNow‬."

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