Japanese man arrested twice for hiding in a storm drain to film up women's skirts

By Daniel Uria
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KOBE, Japan, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- A Japanese man was arrested for the second time in three years for hiding under a storm drain to take photos of female pedestrians.

Yasuomi Hirai, 28, allegedly hid in a sewer in Kobe for five hours in order to use his smartphone to film up women's skirts.


Hirai was discovered when a woman noticed his hair sticking up from the grate and informed local police of his presence.

Hirai admitted to the crime, telling police he had been hiding in the drain since 3 a.m.

Upon searching Hirai's phone, police found several photos and videos of women's underwear.

He was convicted of the exact same crime in 2013 when he hid beneath a storm drain near Konan Women's University.

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