Man films drunk stranger passed out in his bed

By Ben Hooper
A man finds a stranger sleeping in his bed. NegativeGenie/YouTube video screenshot
A man finds a stranger sleeping in his bed. NegativeGenie/YouTube video screenshot

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OTTAWA, Oct. 26 (UPI) -- A man who found an intoxicated stranger sleeping in his bed decided not to call police and instead filmed his conversation with the drunken intruder.

The video, posted to YouTube by NegativeGenie, features a man who appears to have a Canadian accent asking a sleeping stranger if he realizes that he's gone to sleep in the "wrong house."


"You've never seen me before in your life, I've never seen you before," the man filming the video says.

The other man asks to be left to sleep, but the filmer explains he is passed out in his bed.

The man trying to sleep insists the filmer knows his brother, but the man says he has never heard the brother's name.

"Can you at least not sleep in my bed?" the filmer asks.

The attempted sleeper appears confused and insists he is sleeping in his own bed.

"I own it, like, I pay taxes for this bed," the intoxicated man says.

"I literally own this house. You're in the wrong house, dude," the filmer says.

"I don't think so," the other man replies.

The drunken man is eventually coaxed out of the bed and has a realization as he looks around the house.


"I used to live in this house," he says.

"Oh man, this is so weird," he says as he realizes what has happened.

The homeowner shows his unexpected guest to another room, where he offers to let the stranger crash for the night.

The drunk man accepts the offer.

"It's nice meeting you," the filmer says.

"You, too," the other man says.

The uploader was praised by commenters on YouTube and Reddit for his "chill" behavior in the face of an awkward situation.

Warning: Video contains NSFW language

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