Arkansas girl, 4, requests CVS themed birthday party

Ben Hooper

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Oct. 20 (UPI) -- An Arkansas girl's fourth birthday party featured a CVS theme complete with prescription bottles filled with mints, her mother said.

Sarah Fortune Gill of Fayetteville said her daughter, Iris, sees the local CVS store as a wonderland of "snacks, drinks, toys, chap-stick, and band-aids," so much so that she puts the drug store on par with Disney World in terms of dream locations.


Gill said Iris requested a CVS theme for her birthday party last week.

"When CVS headquarters heard about Iris' party, they sent us tons of snacks, favors, and party supplies to celebrate. How cool is that? And when we told the local store manager about what kind of party we were having, he was so sweet to donate some CVS-brand water bottles to add to the goodie bags. Not to mention that her year was MADE when they flashed a big 'Happy Birthday' message to Iris up on the big sign out front."

The donated "goodies" from CVS included prescription bottles filled with mint candies, which Gill admitted in an Instagram post were "probably not the best idea for a party favor for kids."


"And thank you to CVS who helped make Iris' fourth birthday so special. By the way, this is in no way sponsored by CVS," Gill wrote on her blog.

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