Montreal man's political posters: 'I just wanted a sign'

"Not running for anything, I just wanted a sign," Tyler Lemco's parody political posters read.

By Ben Hooper

MONTREAL, Oct. 7 (UPI) -- A Montreal man said "ominous and creepy" election ads inspired him to plaster the city with fake election posters bearing his face a tongue-in-cheek message.

Tyler Lemco, a rapper, writer and former member of EpicMealTime, insists there was no deeper political message behind his five posters, which bear his face along with his name and the slogan, "Not running for anything, I just wanted a sign."


"A lot of people think I'm poking fun at the election," Lemco told CBC News. "Other people are tagging these posters as street art on Instagram. But my No. 1 intention is to have no intention at all."

Lemco said he was inspired by Liberal Party campaign signs, which he told a Global News interview made the candidates "look like mean vampires."

"I saw a lot of Liberal signs up. They looked ominous and creepy. So I decided to try my own and send them to my friends," he said.

Lemco said his five signs each cost about $20.

"I decided to cap the expenses at $100, because how much money do you want to spend on a joke?" he said.


However, Lemco said he is considering spending further money to replace signs that were taken down.

"I think all of the signs got taken down. Maybe there's one left. I might put up some more, but I won't make a new sign. I don't trust myself to make another good sign. I'm not a graphic designer," he said.

Lemco said that while he isn't seeking office, he does have a message for voters: "I want everyone to know that anything is possible as long as you're not really trying to do anything," he told the National Post.

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