Man named 'Something Long and Complicated' proves identity to Facebook

By Ben Hooper
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LONDON, Oct. 7 (UPI) -- A British man whose legal name is Something Long and Complicated said Facebook suspended his account and refused to believe his driver's license.

Something Long and Complicated, 30, who was born William Wood and changed his name legally in 2007, said in a Facebook post after his account was reinstated that he has been on Facebook for eight years and previously had trouble verifying his identity, but the most recent incident was the most complicated.


Complicated said his troubles started recently when he attempted to log into his Facebook account and instead received a message saying his identity needed to be verified before he could log into the social networking site.

The user said he submitted requested copies of his driver's license, passport, credit cards and various pieces of mail, but the site continued to tell him the documents were not sufficient to confirm his identity.

Complicated wrote Facebook made no progress toward reinstating his account until he sent in a link to a news article about his problems with the site.


Facebook reinstated Complicated's account and told him he would no longer be able to edit his own name on the site, instead giving a link to a form for the process should he need it in the future.

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