54-propeller 'super drone' dubbed 'the Swarm' takes off with man aboard

Ben Hooper
A British man built a 54-propeller, man-carrying super drone dubbed the Swarm. gasturbine101/YouTube video screenshot
A British man built a 54-propeller, man-carrying "super drone" dubbed "the Swarm." gasturbine101/YouTube video screenshot

LONDON, Sept. 1 (UPI) -- A British aviation enthusiast shared video showing his 54-propeller manned "super drone" taking off from the ground with a person seated inside.

The video, posted to YouTube by gasturbine101, shows the aircraft -- dubbed "the Swarm" -- take off from a grassy field with a human passenger and fly close to the ground.


The YouTuber, who described his creation as a "super drone" and a "manned aerial vehicle," said the Swarm is powered by 54 counter-rotation propellers and six grouped control channels with Hobbyking stabilization. A polycarbonate dome was installed to protect the passenger.

He said the craft has a maximum take-off weight of about 362 pounds and can remain in the air for about 10 minutes on a single battery charge.

Gasturbine101 previously shared videos of the Swarm being tested without a human passenger.

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