Police: Motorist brought sheep along for McDonald's run

"Ewe have got to be kidding," North Yorkshire police tweeted.

By Ben Hooper
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LEEMING BAR, England, Aug. 6 (UPI) -- A British motorist pulled over for driving with bald tires told police the sheep in the back of his car was just along for the ride to McDonald's.

The North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group, which shared a picture of the car and its wooly passenger on Twitter, said the motorist was pulled over Wednesday evening when an officer noticed two of its tires were completely bald.


The officer soon discovered there was a sheep in the back of the car.

"Ewe have got to be kidding," the police tweet read.

A police spokesman told the Northern Echo the motorist explained he had just taken the sheep with him for a quick trip to the McDonald's in Leeming Bar.

"Some people take their dogs in their cars, I take my sheep," the man was quoted as saying to the officer.

A follow-up tweet indicated the officer did not necessarily approve of the motorist's meal choice.

"[The motorist] allegedly had just been through the 'Golden Arches,' drive through," the tweet said, using the apparently judgmental hashtag "#otherfastfoodisavailable."


A police spokesman quipped the department would have liked to have gotten a clearer photo of the spectacle.

"We have no other information apart from what the officer tweeted. Although we might equip our officers with better high-definition cameras," the spokesman told The Guardian.

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