Los Angeles woman records bizarre telemarketing call

By Ben Hooper

LOS ANGELES, July 15 (UPI) -- A Los Angles blogger recorded her conversation with a telemarketer who launched into a bizarre tirade upon being informed he was being recorded.

Jessica Gottlieb, who posted the recording to her YouTube account, said the telemarketer identified himself as "Mark" from the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles and he became incensed after she told him he was being recorded.


"It's illegal to record somebody unless you tell them previously, unless they're committing a felony," the caller said.

Mark said he did not believe he was being recorded and offered Gottlieb $100 if she could play back any of the conversation. He likened the money to "like a tip at a strip club."

"You're trying to deceive me and now you think you've got some mind control thing going on, when you don't. I am in charge. I am always in charge, and I will always be in charge. No one pulls the wool over my eyes," the caller said.

The telemarketer, still not believing he was being recorded, asked if Gottlieb was planning to put her recording "on YouTube."

"Yeah, I kinda was planning on it," Gottlieb replied.


"No, you weren't. You just made that up and you're not funny," Mark said.

The call only became more bizarre as it continued.

"You're struggling for something to do now that you're caught in the spider's web," Mark said, following up with a quote from Walter Scott: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"

The caller eventually hung up after a suitably bizarre sign-off: "You've managed to stump our panel, ma'am, we're gonna go and flip the rest of the cards over and tell you what our contestant does for a living."

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