Broadway audience member tries to charge phone on stage

Stage hands at the showing of Hand to God informed the audience that phone charging on stage is not allowed.

By Ben Hooper

The audience really phoned it in at #HandtoGodBway Friday night:

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NEW YORK, July 7 (UPI) -- An audience member apparently caught up in the illusion of live theater at a Broadway show stunned onlookers by trying to charge his phone on stage.

Cast members and theatergoers at the July 2 showing of adult puppet play Hand to God said the man climbed on stage before the start of the show and attempted to charge his phone in an electrical outlet.


Witnesses said the man's attempt failed, as the outlet was a non-functioning part of the show's set, and workers quickly arrived to unplug the phone and make an announcement about not using the set for charging.

"Well, where can I charge it?" the man was quoted as saying by the blog Broadway Adjacent.

Cast members Sarah Stiles and Marc Kudisch talked about the incident on Twitter.

"A guy jumped on the stage and plugged his phone into the fake outlet on our set just before we started. @HandtoGodBway #fullmoon or #idiot?" Stiles tweeted.


"Dear general audience, an electrical socket that's a part of the set of the play is NOT for you to charge your iPhone.....just an FYI," Kudisch wrote.

Witnesses said the man was not kicked out of the play and was seen drinking at the bar during intermission. Some suggested the incident may have been a dare from someone attending the play with the man.

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