Vlogger shoots iPhones to determine bullet-stopping capabilities

Daniel of the EverythingApplePro YouTube account used an AK-74 to test the phones before finishing them off with a shotgun and an AK-47.

By Ben Hooper

PORTLAND, Ore., July 1 (UPI) -- A vlogger specializing in Apple products shared a video to answer the question, "How many iPhones does it take to stop an AK-74 bullet?"

Daniel, the owner of YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, lined up a group of iPhones -- and one Samsung Galaxy -- to test whether the phones could deflect a bullet from his assault rifle.


"The answer to that question is five iPhones," Daniel said in the YouTube video, after shooting through the line of phones and verifying the sixth phone in the lineup was untouched.

The bullet was lodged in the fifth phone, a cheap iPhone 6 clone.

A second bullet fired into the lineup landed on the sixth phone after punching through the already-damaged phones.

The sixth phone, an iPhone 5S, was damaged, but it survived the shot and remained functioning.

"Overall, I'd say it takes six iPhones to save your life in case someone shoots at you," Daniel said.

The Samsung Galaxy survived the shots from the AK-74, so Daniel remedied the situation with a blast from a shotgun.

The badly damaged phones were then finished off with an AK-47.


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