Cow puts the MOO-ves on comrade during live news broadcast

By Ben Hooper
KOKH-TV screenshot
KOKH-TV screenshot

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OKLAHOMA CITY, June 26 (UPI) -- An Oklahoma TV reporter delivering a live report from a local farm was interrupted by a pair of frisky bovines cow-pulating in the background.

Mitch English had just started delivering his live report from Brett Morris' Ninnekah farm for KOKH-TV when one of the two cows standing behind him on camera mounted the other in an apparent attempt at intercourse.


"Hey, we gotta make cattle! We gotta make some beef!" English said.

The bovine tryst proved to be short lived as -- judging from the udders -- both cows were female.

"I love cows. We all love cows. COWS love cows," English said on Twitter.

"Cowabunga! Cow love at its finest," he tweeted.

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