Gamer speed runs Super Mario World blindfolded

Blindfolded gamer PangeaPanga finished the Super Nintendo game in 23 minutes, 14 seconds.

By Ben Hooper
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WILMINGTON, Vt., June 25 (UPI) -- A Vermont gamer who completed a Super Mario World speed run in just over 23 minutes while blindfolded said he had only been practicing a few days.

PangeaPanga, who streams game videos on Twitch and YouTube, posted a video showing his entire speed run of the Super Nintendo classic in 23 minutes, 14 seconds while wearing a blindfold.


The gamer said he started practicing June 16 and started his first trial runs -- using only memory and sound to orient himself -- June 20. He uploaded the completed video June 23.

PangeaPanga completed the game with only three deaths and no game overs.

He said the video came after several failed attempts.

The gamer conceded he made some errors while playing, including some that had nothing to do with controlling Mario: "Yes, I realize I'm wearing my blindfold upside down," he said in a comment.

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