Brazilian police officer shows 'how you shouldn't operate a gun'

The woman, who is addressed as a police commander in the video, was not seriously injured when the gun struck her in the forehead.

By Ben Hooper
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RIO DE JANEIRO, June 18 (UPI) -- A Brazilian police officer in firearms training displayed "how you shouldn't operate a gun" by firing too close to her own face and being struck by the recoil.

A video posted to YouTube by user Finest Pupil shows the female military police officer, who is addressed as a "commander" by a voice speaking off-camera, getting into position on the ground as part of an apparent firearms training exercise.


The commander grips her gun in both hands, but holds the weapon too close to her own face when she fires, causing the back of the gun to strike her in the forehead.

The woman is shown to be bleeding in the video, but the uploader wrote in the description that she was not seriously injured.

"The drill instructor could have warned her, and everyone knew that what was about to happen, but nobody said anything," the uploader wrote.

"This is how you shouldn't operate a gun," the video's title reads.

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