Newspaper headline hails debut of 'amphibious pitcher'

Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Pat Venditte is ambidextrous -- probably not "amphibious."

Ben Hooper

PENDLETON, Ore., June 9 (UPI) -- An Oregon newspaper might want to check its autocorrect settings after a headline hailed the debut of an "amphibious pitcher."

The article, which Twitter user Neill Woelk found on page 3B of the June 6 edition of the East Oregonian, bore the headline, "Amphibious pitcher makes debut."


However, the subject of the story, Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Pat Venditte, is actually ambidextrous -- he can pitch with both arms.

Venditte's ability to pitch underwater, as the headline would imply, has yet to be proven.

Woelk joked Venditte "faces Aquaman in [his] next outing."

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