Coast Guard members looking for drugs find tangled turtles

Ben Hooper

ALAMEDA, Calif., June 9 (UPI) -- The U.S. Coast Guard shared video of California-based members investigating a suspicious package in a drug transit zone and discovering tangled sea turtles.

The video, posted to the Coast Guard's official YouTube account, shows the team from the Cutter Stratton in Alameda investigating a reported suspicious object floating in a known drug transit zone off the coast of Central America May 9.


The Coast Guard members in the video spot what appears to be a buoy, but closer inspection reveals the object is composed of two sea turtles tangled in fishing line and debris.

The team was able to untangle the sea turtles and they were released back into the ocean.

"In honor of World Oceans Day, the Coast Guard honors their maritime stewardship role, which allows for the success of missions such as these," the video's description reads.

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