Baseball fan wearing head-mounted camera makes barehanded foul catch

Micah Graves filmed his own impressive catch during Saturday night's Biloxi Shuckers game at MGM Park.

Ben Hooper

BILOXI, Miss., June 9 (UPI) -- A fan at a Mississippi ballpark made a lucky barehanded foul ball catch and recorded the feat with a GoPro camera mounted to his head.

Micah Graves, 20, said he wore the head-mounted camera to Saturday night's Biloxi Shuckers game in the hopes of capturing interesting video at the game against the Mobile Bay Bears.


"The main reason I brought my GoPro was to capture something amazing at the opening game," Graves told WLOX-TV. "In my head, I thought about how awesome it would be to record a first person's perspective on catching a foul ball."

Graves said he knew his moment had arrived in the third inning when a line drive foul came straight toward him.

"This is my chance, so don't you dare drop it!" he recalled thinking.

Graves, who posted his first-person catch video to YouTube, said he kept the ball.

"This was my first ever ball caught at a professional baseball game, and because it was the first home game at MGM Park, I am very pleased to be a part of all the excitement," Graves said.


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