Utah girl, 5, takes apart Jeep engine with dad

Casey Kelch of Bountiful, Utah, shared the video of his 5-year-old daughter, Charlie, using a socket wrench to help him take apart the Jeep engine.

Ben Hooper

BOUNTIFUL, Utah, June 8 (UPI) -- A Utah man shared video of his curious 5-year-old daughter taking effortlessly to the job of tearing down the block of a Jeep 4.0 liter engine.

Casey Kelch of Bountiful, who posts on YouTube as Casey Levi, shared a video on the website Sunday showing his 5-year-old daughter, Charlie, using a socket wrench to loosen the rockers on the Jeep engine.


"My 5 year old daughter learning a little automotive knowledge," Kelch wrote in the video's description. "Yes, I know you should mark your rods, but we are tearing down to the block, and getting all new guts."

Kelch shared the video on Reddit, where users praised him for imparting his mechanical knowledge to his young daughter, but some cautioned the girl should be wearing gloves.

"Fellow father with daughters, good on you for teaching her how to work on engines! However, used motor oil is super bad for you, especially a little kid. I realize that gloves her size would be hard to obtain," Redditor anymooseposter wrote.

The father explained in the video's description that the girl's hands were not blackened from used motor oil.


"That is mostly built up old mud on her hands. We scrubbed her down about twenty minutes after this," he wrote.

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