Swarm of bees 'turned the sky black' in British town

Rob Swift captured video of the bees from his office in Farnham, England.

By Ben Hooper
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FARNHAM, England, May 14 (UPI) -- Residents of a British town said "thousands and thousands" of bees swarmed in the town center for about 15 minutes and "turned the sky black."

The bees descended Wednesday afternoon on the town of Farnham, England, and Rob Swift captured video of the swarm from the window of his office.


He described the swarm as "like something out of the bible."

"We were all sitting there with the windows open as it was a hot day when a few bees flew into our office," Swift told Get Surrey, saying the scene was "like something from a horror movie."

"It was mad. They just came from nowhere. There were thousands and thousands of them coming down the High Street. Outside the office everyone was running around," Swift told the Surrey Mirror.

"I first noticed when a few bees came in through the window. Then our receptionist called us and said we should shut the windows. The sky was black with them. They were absolutely everywhere. One person looked out the window and said, 'Is this real?' It was very bizarre. It was virtually silent. You would have thought it would be buzzing like crazy. It was quite eerie."


Experts said the swarm likely resulted from a colony of bees abandoning their hive to find a new home with their queen.

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