Georgia mom has misbehaving 10-year-old 'arrested'

Chiquita Hill said she called police to help with her son, Sean, after learning he had been disrespectful to his teacher.

By Ben Hooper
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COLUMBUS, Ga., May 1 (UPI) -- A Georgia mother had her misbehaving 10-year-old son "arrested" by police and posted pictures of him in handcuffs online, where they quickly went viral.

Chiquita Hill of Columbus said Sasha Smith, a teacher at St. Mary's Magnet Academy, asked to visit her home Tuesday to talk about the way her son, Sean, has been behaving in class.


"She came by on her personal time," Hill told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. "[He] was not expecting to her to be here."

Hill said she asked the boy why he was disrespectful to Smith.

"'Because I wanted to and I don't care,'" she quoted him as responding.

Hill said she called police and asked for a special type of intervention.

"When they showed up, it hit him. They came in, they arrested him, put handcuffs on him, and they took him to the car... one cop got into the car and flashed the lights to give him a good scare," Hill told WLTZ-TV.

Hill said Sean ran into her arms after being released from the car and promised to improve his behavior.

The mother, who uses the name Jada Powell on Facebook, posted pictures of Sean being "arrested" on the social networking site, where they went viral.


"What I say to people that say I'm emotionally hurting my child or giving him a fear of law enforcement: He respects law and knows they're there to help people, but he also knows they're also there to show him the consequences of his action," she said. "If I didn't feel comfortable, I would have called them off at any time. I wanted to get him while he's still young and impressionable. Stop it now before it could get worse."

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