Indian monkey takes revenge on teen for rude gesture

The CCTV footage from Shimla, India, shows a monkey knock over a teenager who stopped to give it the middle finger.

Ben Hooper

SHIMLA, India, April 27 (UPI) -- CCTV footage from an Indian city shows a teenager receive a lesson in manners from a monkey that reacted violently to being given the middle finger.

The footage, from the city of Shimla, shows the monkey make eye contact with the boy while perched on a fence and the teenager flips the bird to the primate.


The monkey, apparently incensed by the rude gesture, lunges at the teenager's face and knocks him on his rear before running away.

The shocked teenager does not appear to be injured and it able to get up and walk away.

Shimla monkeys are well known in the area for their violent and aggressive behavior.

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