Wash. Baskin Robbins worker pummels Baskin robber

Rachael Bishop said she didn't want the man to get away with the money from the Lynnwood store's cash register.

By Ben Hooper

LYNNWOOD, Wash., April 24 (UPI) -- A Washington state Baskin Robbins worker didn't want to see a robber get away with the store's money, so she punched him repeatedly in the head.

Surveillance footage from the Baskin Robbins store in Lynnwood shows a man in a baseball cap and sunglasses come into the store, display a gun and demand money from the cash register.


The employee, Rachael Bishop, 19, refused the man's demands, so he reached across the counter and tried to grab the money himself. That's when Bishop punched the man repeatedly in the head.

"He reached for the money twice, and then I swatted his hand and then he reached for it again, and I started punching him, and then he punched me back and that's when he took most of the money and ran out," Bishop told KCPQ-TV.

"I just really didn't want him to take the money," Bishop told KOMO-TV. "I love Baskin Robbins and all my customers and I work really hard, we all do. So this is not cool for someone to just steal that and walk away with it."

Bishop chased the man out of the store and through the parking lot. Police were able to locate the man with the help of a police dog.


Police said the 44-year-old suspect had an outstanding felony warrant for forgery.

Bishop said she probably wouldn't react the same way a second time.

"No, I realize how stupid it was to punch someone with a gun," she told KIRO-TV.

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