Small tornado ransacks Oregon college's parking lot

One occupied vehicle was lifted by the tornado at Lane Community College in Eugene, but the couple inside were not injured.

Ben Hooper

EUGENE, Ore., April 15 (UPI) -- An Oregon college said a small tornado wreaked havoc on its parking lot, tossing one car onto another and lifting a vehicle with two students inside.

Lane Community College in Eugene and the National Weather Service confirmed the tornado touched down about 4:10 p.m. Tuesday in the school's parking lot and students were warned to stay inside the building while the storm passed.


Ryan Janacek, a student at the college, said he and his girlfriend were in a Jeep that was lifted about 8 feet off the ground by the storm, but the vehicle landed on its tires and the couple were not injured.

Another car was thrown on top of a sport-utility vehicle by the tornado, and another was flipped upside down.

Safety officers said there was significant damage to three vehicles and minor damage to three others. No injuries were reported at the school.

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