Flying Asian carp attack Missouri rowing team

Benjamin Rosenbaum captured footage of the struggle between Washington University's rowing team and the Asian carp of Creve Coeur Lake.

Ben Hooper

ST. LOUIS, April 13 (UPI) -- A man filming a Missouri school's rowing team practice captured the moment dozens of Asian carp started leaping from the water, striking some of the rowers.

Benjamin Rosenbaum was filming the Friday rowing practice for the Washington University freshman team in Creve Coeur Lake, outside St. Louis, when dozens of Asian carp started jumping from the water, surrounding the boat.


Some of the fish struck the rowers and landed in their boat.

"The fish was flopping on my legs. It was so slippery that I couldn't get a grip on it," team member Devin Patel told CNN.

The rowers said no one was injured, but the smell of fish lingered once the waters went quiet.

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