Texas man's license plate revoked over hidden 'offensive' message

Ben Hooper

HOUSTON, April 10 (UPI) -- A Houston man said his license plate is being revoked by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles after officials discovered a hidden "offensive" message.

Safer Hassan said he had the customized plate for three years without incident, but he received a letter from the state DMV saying his "370H55V" plate was being recalled after it was "determined that the personalization is offensive."


"People have no idea what that plate means. My closest friends don't even know," Hassan told KPRC-TV.

The trouble, Hassan said, is that the seemingly random collection of numbers and letters turns into a clear profanity when it is viewed upside-down.

The letter alludes to a similar plate that was recently rejected after a review.

"They may have just searched similar type plates," Hassan said.

Hassan said he will likely appeal the decision.

"I definitely think the state is overreaching their boundaries," he said.

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