TV at Oklahoma KFC played sex scene while family dined

Gerald Whalen shot cellphone video of the sexually explicit scene from Starz's Outlander playing on the TV at a KFC while his family had dinner.

By Ben Hooper

EDMOND, Okla., April 7 (UPI) -- An Oklahoma man captured video of what appeared to be a pornographic film playing on a TV at a KFC restaurant while he was dining with the family.

Gerald Whalen's video, shot inside the KFC restaurant in Edmond about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, shows what he believed to be a pornographic film playing on a KFC television while he was dining with his wife, April, and their twin 6-year-old sons.


"I looked up from my plate, and we're talking full nudity," Gerald Whalen told KOCO-TV.

Whalen said he and his wife tried not to react to the action on screen, which was accompanied by the sounds of heavy breathing, so as not to alert their sons.

"There was a wall to where they couldn't see the TV," he said.

Whalen initially believed the program to be a pornographic film, but it was later identified as a sexually explicit scene from racy Starz show, Outlander.

"I'm really shocked that they actually had Starz at KFC," April Whalen told KWTV.

The couple alerted KFC workers to the nature of what was playing on the screen.


"He went and got the manager, and the manager came running out and flipped the TV off really quick. I think she actually unplugged it," Gerald Whalen said.

KFC addressed the incident in a statement.

"We apologize for any negative dining experience that may have occurred as a result of the restaurant's TV being changed without awareness or permission to a station showing inappropriate content," the statement read.

The company said it is "taking measures to ensure programming like this cannot be accessed in the future."

A McDonald's in Zuchwil, Switzerland, found itself in a similar situation in December when a pornographic program was shown on at least one of the restaurant's TVs. The eatery said the program was shown by accident as it was aired on a German sports channel, and the restaurant's TVs are usually set to sports networks.

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