Pink stiletto heel sculpture divides Utah city

Jerry Anderson's "Pink Lady" sculpture, a 5-foot-tall high-heeled shoe, is popular with some residents, but others say it seems out of place.

By Ben Hooper

ST. GEORGE, Utah, April 7 (UPI) -- A 5-foot-tall sculpture of a pink stiletto shoe installed in a Utah city's downtown is proving controversial with some residents who say it would be a better fit for "Hollywood."

Jerry Anderson's sculpture, "Pink Lady," was installed in downtown St. George as part of the city-sponsored Art Around the Corner program, which installs a rotating collection of sculptures around town.


"Primarily our artists are from Utah, but we have artists from all around the country," Amber Rich, a board member of Art Around the Corner, told KSTU-TV. "We love the traditional pieces, we love the pioneers and the children, but we also love a gigantic guitar, and a pink high heel."

However, some residents said "Pink Lady" seems out of place in their city.

"It's just very different than the art that we have in Downtown St. George," Brittany Carlson said. "It doesn't seem to go with the flow."

"It looks like it belongs in Hollywood, not St. George," said Amber Farmer, a resident of nearby Hurricane. "I was a little shocked to see it here."

The sculpture is not without its fans.

"I think that's great," St. George resident Terri Colledge said. "I love shoes and have a collection. I'd like to take it home and put it in my collection."


Stefanie Bevans, chair of the Art Around the Corner Foundation, said she is happy the sculpture has people talking.

"You're going to have people who love it and people who hate it," Bevans told The Spectrum newspaper. "I like having a piece that makes people talk. Last year, it was the big guitar."

The "big guitar" was a sculpture titled "Ready to Play," by Deveren Farley. The scrap metal guitar, part of last year's Art Around the Corner, stood 30 feet tall.

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