95-year-old man breaks 200-meter sprint record

Ben Hooper

LONDON, March 9 (UPI) -- A 95-year-old retired dentist in Britain ran 200 meters -- 656 feet -- in 55.48 seconds to set a new world record for runners 95 and older.

The Silver Grey Sports Club said Charles Eugster completed the sprint Sunday in 2.4 seconds less than the previous record holder, Orville Rogers, who set the record in the United States in 2011.


Eugster, who was nicknamed "the world's fittest old age pensioner" after dedicating himself to fitness at the age of 85 and joining a bodybuilding club two years later, thanked supporters on Facebook.

"I'm over the moon... Thank you to everyone who has helped me achieve this," he wrote.

"I hoped getting fit would stop me aging," he toldĀ The Telegraph in 2013. "It was pure vanity, really. I looked a mess and I was having a late-life crisis. My body was degenerating. I thought: 'Who knows about muscles?' So, when I was 87, I joined a bodybuilding club."


The overall world record for the 200-meter sprint, 19.19 seconds, was set by Jamaican runner Usain Bolt in Berlin in 2009.

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