Rescued Australian fruit bat has a banana bonanza

"Banana hath charms to soothe a cranky battie!" Batzilla the Bat rescuer Denise wrote on Facebook.

Ben Hooper

BRISBANE, Australia, March 3 (UPI) -- Wildlife rescuers in Australia shared a video of a fruit bat left hungry by the country's rainfall finding enthusiastic solace in an offered banana.

The rescuers said recent rainfall in the Brisbane area had left food for fruit bats scarce, and several of the recently rescued bats have come in hungry.


"Rain is good news for the coming winter but it's not such good news for hungry bat bellies," Denise, a worker with the Batzilla the Bat rescue group, wrote on Facebook. "Although there is a magnificent array of native flowering occurring, rain washes the nectar and pollen out of the blossom and flying-foxes are forced to seek sustenance elsewhere."

Denise said the bat in the video was found trapped in fruit tree netting and was "a little feisty until he spied the banana."

"Banana hath charms to soothe a cranky battie!" she wrote.

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