Pranksters install toilet, sink at British bus shelter

"The fun police have been to take the fun away, you could say," Worplesdon Parish Council Clerk Gaynor White said.

By Ben Hooper

WOOD STREET VILLAGE, England, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- Pranksters in an English town installed a toilet, sink and toilet paper holder at an outdoor bus stop, local officials said.

Worplesdon Parish Council Clerk Gaynor White said pranksters have repeatedly targeted Worplesdon bus stops with acts of destructive vandalism, but the latest act, discovered Monday in Wood Street Village, is in its own league.


"I received a phone call just before midday and the groundsman said 'you will never guess what I have found,'" she told Get Surrey. "I have been the parish clerk for 15 and a half years, and I have never seen anything like it -- it is hysterical really."

"The key question is -- should this be considered a bus shelter improvement or simply money down the drain?" White quipped. "Perhaps we should ask parishioners to share a penny for their thoughts on this one?"

White said she does not believe the pranksters behind the toilet installation were responsible for previous incidents that led to costly repairs.


"This time is different," White said. "It was creative. The others incidents were actually destructive."

White said the toilet and sink were bolted into place, but weren't connected to any water source. However, she said someone apparently put the toilet to use.

"Although trialed by someone, the new facility has now been removed by the vice-chairman of the parish council and myself," she told the Guildford Dragon. "I took the bathroom fittings to the dump at lunchtime today."

"The fun police have been to take the fun away, you could say," White told Get Surrey.

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