Australian fisherman reels in German World War I grenade

The 1915 German Granatenwerfer grenade, also known as a pineapple bomb, was found by a man fishing off the Applecross Jetty in Perth.

By Ben Hooper
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PERTH, Australia, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- Police in Western Australia said a fisherman reeled in an unusual find Tuesday -- an unexploded German grenade from World War I.

Western Australia Police said a man fishing off the Applecross Jetty in Perth about 2 a.m. Tuesday reeled in an object that appeared to be an explosive device and police called in a Bomb Response Unit, which identified the object as a 1915 German Granatenwerfer grenade without a fuse.


The object, which is also known as a pineapple bomb due to its resemblance to the fruit, was transported by Navy personnel to a safe area for disposal, police said.

Geoff Smith of the Western Australian Arms and Armament Society told The Guardian the grenade was likely brought back to Australia as a souvenir following the war.

"It has to have been brought back by someone and then dumped. It's the only way it could have got there," Smith said.

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