North Carolina dog's frozen pond rescue caught on camera

Laura Schug fell through the ice at the Zebulon pond while attempting to rescue her 12-year-old daughter's dog, Brody.

Ben Hooper

ZEBULON, N.C., Feb. 18 (UPI) -- Emergency responders in North Carolina used a daisy chain of ladders to help a dog that fell through the ice of a frozen pond.

Bryanna Schug, 12, said she and a friend were sledding Tuesday in Zebulon with her dog, Brody, when the 8-year-old canine walked out onto a frozen pond and fell through the ice.


Schug said Brody seemed unable to reach the shore when she and her friend tried calling him, so she went and got her mother, Laura.

Laura Schug attempted to slide out onto the ice using Bryanna's sled, but she also fell through.

"When I fell in myself and was trying to roll out of the ice, it locked up my lungs," Laura Schug told WRAL-TV.

Schug was able to get out of the water and Wake County sheriff's deputies soon arrived with paramedics and Zebulon firefighters.

The mother was treated in an ambulance by paramedics while rescuers set to work helping Brody.

Video from the rescue shows firefighters and deputies using ladders tied together in an attempt to reach the dog.

"The dog was about 30 feet out into the water," Zebulon Fire Chief Chris Perry said. "[The ladders were] to maybe give the dog something to climb on to or grab hold of, whatever they could to get the dog to come in to us."


The ladders ended up breaking the ice further and rescuers used a hook to break it up further and guide Brody back to shore, where he was greeted with blankets.

The family said Brody appeared to be back to his normal self after a hot bath.

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