Oscar Mayer Weinermobile crashes in Pennsylvania

Many motorists stopped to take pictures of the wrecked Weinermobile when it slammed into a pole.

Kate Stanton

EAST PENNSBORO TOWNSHIP, Pa., Feb. 16 (UPI) -- An Oscar Mayer Weinermobile slid off an icy road and slammed into a pole in East Pennsboro Township, Pa.

No one was injured in the Sunday crash, but the sausage-shaped Weinermobile suffered major damage to its front fender and windshield.


Weinermobiles, cars shaped like Oscar Mayer hot dog buns, have been used to promote the meat company since the 1930s.

WHP-TV reporter Jesse Knutson, who tweeted several photos from the scene, wrote that passing motorists stopped to snap photos of the wrecked weiner.

"Pretty much every car that drives by is taking a picture. This is not something you see every day #WienerMobile [sic]," Knutson said.

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