Thai teens urged to skip the sex on Valentine's Day

The "Just a Meal for Valentine" campaign urges Thai teenagers to forgo sex on Valentine's Day and stick to dinner dates.

By Ben Hooper
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BANGKOK, Feb. 11 (UPI) -- Thailand's Moral Promotion Center is urging teenagers to skip the sex on Valentine's Day as authorities seek to curb "risky behavior" on the holiday.

The Moral Promotion Center in Bangkok announced its "Just a Meal for Valentine" campaign Wednesday, urging teenagers in the country to stick to dinner dates for Valentine's Day and avoid getting into situations where they will feel tempted to engage in premarital sex.


"Available information suggests that 83 per cent of Thai teenagers plan to have sex on Valentine's Day," Sin Suesuan, the center's director-general, said Wednesday. "If they hang out in secluded areas after a meal, there is a possibility that they will opt for sex."

Police Maj. Gen. Suban na Aytthaya urged parents during a Monday news conference to help authorities prevent "risky behavior" on Valentine's Day.

"They should tell the children to be careful and take care of themselves. They should also ask for cooperation from children to avoid risky behavior on that day," Patipat said.

He said police units will be on alert Feb. 11-14 to "increase vigilance in risky areas in which sexual harassment and crimes can take place."


The country's Public Health Ministry previously suggested installing condom machines in secondary schools and vocational colleges to help prevent teenage pregnancies and slow the spread of HIV/AIDS. The plan was rejected by the National Office of Basic Education Commission, however, with chief Kamol Rodklai saying the machines were unnecessary because young people "don't [think] that much about it [sex]."

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