Dive-bombing Oregon owl leads to 'hard hats' park sign

The sign was posted at Bush's Pasture Park in Salem after a fourth reported attack from the dive-bombing owl.

Ben Hooper

SALEM, Ore., Feb. 6 (UPI) -- Parks workers in an Oregon town are recommending hart hats after an aggressive owl attacked at least four people -- and stole at least one hat.

Workers posted signs at Bush's Pasture Park in Salem saying "hard hats are recommended" when walking through the park between dusk and dawn during the nesting season, which runs through March.


The signs were posted after Brad Hillard became the fourth person to report an attack from a dive-bombing owl at the park.

Hillard said he was jogging in the park early Monday when he felt a scratch on the back of his head. "I turned around and my favorite running hat was gone," Hilliard told the Salem Statesman Journal. "I was just dumbfounded after the fact. I was like, 'My hat is gone and I can't see anything.'"

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department said the bird is believed to be a barred owl, a species normally found in eastern Oregon and is likely protecting its territory or a nest it created in the park.

The department said there are currently no plans to catch the owl.

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