Rare white dolphin photographed in California

Marine biologist Melissa Galieti said she is not sure whether the Risso's dolphin is albino.

By Ben Hooper
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MONTEREY, Calif., Jan. 29 (UPI) -- Members of a California whale watching group captured photos of a rare white Risso's dolphin swimming in the Monterey Bay area.

Monterey Bay Whale Watch members Melissa Galieti and Daniel Bianchetta captured photos Jan. 25 when the all-white dolphin was spotted swimming with some of its dark-gray brethren in the bay area.


Galieti, a marine biologist who also captured a short video of the dolphin, said group members aren't sure whether the dolphin is a true albino.

"If it has blue eyes, it would be leucisitic, and not have a complete loss of pigmentation," Galieti told ABC News. "Whereas red eyes would determine it to be albino."

Group members said the young dolphin is likely the same white dolphin spotted in the area in August of last year.


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