Police: Johnson & Johnson worker hid bathroom camera

Stephen Lewins was charged with unlawful surveillance.

Ben Hooper
Photo by Carl Ballou/Shutterstock
Photo by Carl Ballou/Shutterstock

NEW YORK, Jan. 28 (UPI) -- New Jersey-based company Johnson & Johnson produces numerous products one might expect to find in a bathroom, but a pinhole spy camera is not among them.

New York police said a Johnson & Johnson contractor was arrested on suspicion of placing a hidden camera in a company bathroom to record people using the toilet.


The New York Police Department said Stephen Lewins, 42, whose LinkedIn page listed him as a "project manager" for Johnson & Johnson, was arrested last Friday on allegations of placing the spy camera discovered Jan. 16 in the company's unisex bathroom.

Investigators said the camera, which the criminal complaint said was pointed at a toilet and "reflected the mirror in the bathroom in such a manner that a person undressing is visible to the camera lens," recorded multiple men and women using the toilet and changing clothes in the restroom.

Court documents said the camera recorded footage onto an SD card "for the defendant's own, and another person's amusement, entertainment, and profit, and for the purpose of degrading and abusing a person."

Lewins, who is from England and currently resides in New York, was a contractor with Johnson & Johnson and is no longer with the company, a spokeswoman said. His Facebook page lists him as a former employee with London-based charity The Children's Society.

Lewins was charged with unlawful surveillance. He was released and is due back in court in April.

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