Diver photographs sperm whale 'poop-splosion'

Keri Wilk said the sperm whale's "poop-splosion" was "essentially the equivalent of an octopus squirting ink."

By Ben Hooper
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ROSEAU, Dominica, Jan. 22 (UPI) -- A photographer swimming with sperm whales in Dominica captured the moment a spooked whale released a "poop-splosion" into the water.

Keri Wilk, 30, a Canadian photographer, said he and a group of divers were observing sperm whales off the island of Dominica when they found themselves "at ground zero of the most epic bowel movement that I've ever witnessed."


Wilk said the whale continued the "poop-splosion" while "spinning like a bus-sized blender" until it had created a "gigantic poop ball" or "poo-nado" measuring "well over 100 feet in diameter."

"When we were sufficiently confused/blinded by poop, it burst out of the poop ball faster than I've ever seen a whale move.

"This is essentially the equivalent of an octopus squirting ink, and as strange as it sounds, this was one of the coolest things I've ever seen underwater. And no, we didn't do anything to stress the animal, and all government permit rules were followed precisely with an extremely experienced guide and boat captain."


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