Kangaroo crashes into Australian cyclist -- who captures it on video

A kangaroo knocked Bronwyn Calver off of her bike before hopping away.

Kate Stanton

CANBERRA, Australia, Jan. 20 (UPI) -- Former Australian cricketer Bronwyn Carver was cycling down Canberra's Adelaide Avenue when a kangaroo knocked her off her wheels.

Carver, who happened to have a GoPro camera attached to her bike, captured the exact moment she collided with the animal.


Carver wrote in the video's caption that she "escaped relatively unscathed," but she did end up with eight stitches in her knee.

The roo wasn't so lucky.

"While the 'roo did hop away, it jumped over the railing on Adelaide Ave down to State Circle where it was subsequently hit by a car and killed," she said.

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