Baby monkey refuses release into the wild in China

Nature Reserve Bureau workers attempted to film the release of two monkeys, but instead took footage of one of thew primates clinging to a worker's leg.

By Ben Hooper
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KUNMING, China, Jan. 9 (UPI) -- Workers at a Chinese nature reserve took video of a baby monkey resisting his release back into the wild by clinging to the leg of a feeder.

Two baby monkeys were released this week in Jingdong county, Yunnan Province, but Nature Bureau Reserve staff said one of the monkeys refused to join his comrade and instead clung to the leg of the man who has been feeding him.


The feeder said the monkey was rescued from a wildlife smuggler and was apparently not ready to go off on his own.

"He was fed by people for a long time; he is used to depending on human beings. It is difficult for him to survive in the wild. One reason is that he is too small. Another reason is that he needs more food now. So we'll feed him for a longer period of time and release him after a re-wilding training," the feeder said.

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