Neighborhood orders 'Doctor Who' TARDIS back to Gallifrey

LeAnn and David Moder said the TARDIS in the driveway was made for their "Doctor Who" themed wedding.

By Ben Hooper
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PARRISH, Fla., Jan. 8 (UPI) -- A Florida family said they obeyed an order to have their TARDIS, the iconic blue box from sci-fi series Doctor Who, travel through time and space to the garage.

Parrish residents LeAnn and David Moder, whose life-sized replica of the Time Lord's preferred mode of transport was built for their Doctor Who-themed wedding, said they received a letter recently from their homeowner's association ordering them to remove the time-and-space vessel from their driveway.


The couple said they decided to abide by the order and held a TARDIS moving party for friends Wednesday afternoon.

"We love our neighborhood. We weren't planning to go in and fight the homeowner association," David Moder told the Bradenton Herald.

The Facebook event page for the TARDIS moving party jokingly referred to the family's garage as "Gallifreyan Construction, LLC" in a nod to the titular character's home planet of Gallifrey and promised the model of the TARDIS -- itself based on an old British police call box -- will be "back making appearances all over the area after a little repair and renovation."


"We have to add some stuff. We want to add the actual phone booth part to the actual phone booth and we are working on the bigger inside technology," LeAnn Moder told WOFL-TV.

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