Missouri baby born with two front teeth

Mom says she's "breastfeeding -- but bottle feeding."

By Ben Hooper
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BRANSON, Mo., Jan. 7 (UPI) -- A Missouri mother said she definitely will not be breastfeeding her newborn daughter after the infant was born with a pair of front teeth.

Jaklina Bailey said her daughter, Alyssa Bella Bailey, must have made a Christmas wish for her two front teeth before she was born Dec. 28 with a pair of bottom chompers.


"Right when she first arrived everyone was shocked," Bailey told KOLR-TV. "They said, 'she has two front teeth?' It was just the big talk in the delivery room."

She said her doctor was equally surprised.

"She said in her 25 year career this is the second time she's ever seen it," Bailey said. "We had two other doctors that came in just to look, and nurses, they were just like, 'let me see, let me see.'"

The new mother said Alyssa's teeth mean she will be drinking strictly from a bottle.

"I know a lot of people have asked me, 'does it hurt?' Well, I'm bottle feeding. Breastfeeding -- but bottle feeding," she said.

Doctors said the condition is rare, but not unique.


Baby Eva Griffiths also sported a pair of front teeth when she was born in Middlesbrough, England, in 2013.

Jonathan Wyllie, a neonatologist at James Cook University Hospital, where baby Eva was born, said infants with "natal teeth" are born once or twice a year at the facility.

"We deliver 4,000 babies a year. It's every 2,000 to 3,000 births. Babies are born with one or two teeth and it's usually in the lower gum," Wyllie said.

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