FedEx truck videotaped losing packages on highway

FedEx says only five packages fell and all were recovered, but Phil Dickson says more than five boxes tumbled from the truck and at least one was missed during the cleanup.

By Ben Hooper

WESTMINSTER, Colo., Dec. 23 (UPI) -- A Colorado man captured video of packages falling from the back of a FedEx truck while driving on a stretch of highway.

Phil Dickson of Westminster said he was driving on Highway 40 last week with his three children in the car when he had to swerve to avoid a cardboard box in the middle of the road.


"I kind of swerved over to avoid running over it and realized it was a package," he told ABC News.

Dickson said he soon caught up with a FedEx truck that was losing packages from an open back door. A video of the encounter Dickson posted to YouTube shows him flashing his lights to get the FedEx truck to pull over.

"Your door is open! Packages are falling out!" Dickson says in the video.

The FedEx driver thanks Dickson before the man drives away with his family.

A FedEx spokesman said only five packages fell from the truck and they were all recovered undamaged.

However, Dickson told KCNC-TV more than five packages fell onto the road, and he and his kids found one that was left behind on their trip home.


Dickson said the package bore the name and number of the recipient, so he gave him a call.

"Told him I just dropped it off at the FedEx center and it may be delayed and beat up a bit, but he should be receiving it shortly," Dickson said. "He thought it was amusing, thanked me and told me to have a Merry Christmas."

Dickson said he hopes the driver didn't lose his job.

"It's one of those moments we've all had, one of those moments like 'Ah, man!'" Dickson said.

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