Australian office becomes giant Slip 'n' Slide

Flight Center headquarters employees said the Slip 'n' Slide has been a Christmas party tradition for a few years.

By Ben Hooper

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BRISBANE, Australia, Dec. 22 (UPI) -- Workers at an Australian company became viral stars when they transformed their office into a giant Slip 'n' Slide for their Christmas party.

Employees at company Flight Center's headquarters in Brisbane found their pictures plastered across the Internet after a Reddit poster shared an image of the giant indoor Slip 'n' Slide on the website.


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Employees at the Flight Center headquarters in Brisbane said the Slip 'n' Slide has been a Christmas party tradition for a few years, but only received widespread attention after a Reddit user posted a picture of the celebration following Friday's celebration.


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The makeshift Slip 'n' Slide consisted of a plastic sheet spread along a long aisle in the office and covered in suds to allow for easy slipping and sliding.

"It's not something we ever intended to publicize, but it's been running for about six years now," a Flight Center spokeswoman told "Whether you slide or cheer from the sidelines, we consider it a great way to end the year and bring everyone together to celebrate."

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