Swede crowned Memory World Champion

Jonas von Essen led the Swedish team to victory at the Memory World Championships.

Ben Hooper

HAIKOU, China, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- The Swedish winner of the Memory World Championships in China performed brain-straining feats including memorizing 26 decks of cards.

Jonas von Essen, 23, who won his second consecutive title during the Dec. 10-14 event in Haikou, defeated German rival Simon Reinhard in mind-bending events including memorizing the order of 26 decks of cards in one hour.


"It was absolutely incredibly exciting until the very end. I managed to reach my absolute highest level and beat the points record. In this way the victory is even greater," von Essen told the Skaraborgs Allehanda newspaper.

Von Essen's performance helped propel the Swedish team to the top of the event's team rankings. Coach Idriz Zogaj called the accomplishment a "victory without equal."

Von Essen told The Local in 2012 he trained his memory for four hours each day to boost his memorization skills.

"People always ask me when I realized I had a good memory, but I tell them that I never did. It's just a question of training. My memory was just like anyone else's," he said.

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