Official: Don't get out of your car for $100 bill

The car theft scam referenced by Maryland Assistant Attorney General Karen Straughn is listed as an urban legend online.

By Ben Hooper
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ANNAPOLIS, Md., Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Maryland authorities are warning motorists not to get out of their cars if they spot $100 bills on their windshields as the cash could be a cover for theft.

Karen Straughn, Maryland's assistant attorney general for consumer protection, said a resident told her at a Baltimore County public information meeting of a scam involving car thieves luring motorists into getting out of their cars with the doors unlocked by placing $100 bills under their windshield wiper blades.


Straughn said she has since found the scam is listed as an urban legend online, but she felt it was important to notify the public.

"Because it's something of a frightening nature, if this happens to someone, we hope they will take the proper precautions," she told WJLA-TV. "With the fact that the holidays are coming up and more shopping, we believe this is something that could occur in this period of time."

The Prince George's County Police Department and the Baltimore County Police Department said they have no record of the $100 bill scam being perpetrated in the state, but a spokesman for Baltimore County's auto theft task force said similar scams have been documented.


"We have seen incidents where auto thieves will bump the back of someone's car in traffic. When everyone gets out of their cars, a thief will jump in the victim's car and drive off," the spokesman told ABC News.

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