Police: Woman fled through hospital ceiling

Police searched Albuquerque's Presbyterian Hospital for about an hour when suspect Shylen Salazer was found to be missing from her room.

Ben Hooper

ALBUQUERQUE, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Police in New Mexico said a woman accused of possessing a stolen truck attempted to escape custody through the ceiling of a hospital room.

New Mexico State Police said Shylen Salazer, 34, was arrested alongside a male suspect Tuesday when they were found near a stolen vehicle and while in holding Salazer told officers she had swallowed drugs and needed medical attention.


Salazer, who was found to be concealing a pipe in her bra, was taken to Presbyterian Hospital, where she was found to be missing later in the evening.

Police searched the hospital for about an hour before discovering Salazer was hiding in the ceiling of her hospital room.

Salazer, who police said admitted to possessing the stolen truck for nearly two months, was charged with escape and receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle.

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